Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Cannon Elementary has a parking lot! Please review the following information carefully, as there are several changes to the former Cannon drop off and pick up procedures. We will have all hands on deck to help direct parents, as we adjust!

  1. Our bus drop-off will continue in the new bus lane that has been created at the new school, on the east side of the building. All daycare buses will also use this lane. Cars dropping off students are not allowed to use the bus circle. Staff parking is attached to the bus lane and are the only cars permitted to park in this lot.

  2. All students will be brought to the front of the building for dismissal. All students will either be released to a parent or placed in a car. Students will not be allowed to walk around the building to meet parents or cars. After all parties learn the new arrival and dismissal patterns the car lanes will be the most efficient route to drop off and retrieve your cubs. Please trust the process!

  3. The parking lot to the right of the amphitheater (when looking at Cannon) and in front of the Cub Cafe will be for staff parking ONLY. The parking lot in front of the main entrance will be for front office staff, PTA, teachers and visitor parking. Traffic patterns in this parking lot will be active AFTER arrival and dismissal procedures are complete. Student safety is our first priority and we cannot have cars pulling in or out of the parking areas during arrival/dismissal times. If you choose to park in the visitor parking, you will be directed to remain in the parking lot until all arrival and dismissal procedures are completed. Thank you for your assistance with this important safety feature. Cones will be set up to remind parents when the parking lot is closed for non-staff parking use.

  4. Parents enter our new car lane from W. College St. and must pull through the car lane until their student is dropped off/loaded into the car at the designated area near where new sidewalks will be available. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS UNTIL YOU ARE IN THIS DESIGNATED AREA. We do not want students walking, without supervision, nor between any cars, in any areas around traffic areas. All cars will need to exit the parking lot and turn right onto W. College Street. Please pay careful attention to staff as they direct and support the new procedures to ensure safety and efficiency. See diagram below.