EPI Packs are on sale through 5/31/22

Ordering through EPI in advance has several benefits. 

1. It saves you time. All orders are delivered right to your grade level living room and usually right to your student's desk! You purchase online now and don't have to think about back-to-school supplies lists ever again! 

2. It benefits the PTA. Even though the bulk ordering helps parents save up to 40 percent, it also raises a little money for the PTA. To keep costs low this year as we all fight inflation, we will not make more than $5 on any pack. We also pulled headphones out of the packs to keep costs down. Those headphones still are available for purchase as an add-on, and they are a good deal because if they break, EPI will send out a replacement within a couple of days! 

3. We were able to add a Paper Power Pack as an option to this year's sale. Mrs. Garrett recently shared details about our supplies budget with the Campus Excellence Committee. Did you know that our biggest supplies expense is PAPER? We're a STEM school. We want our biggest supplies expense to be STEM supplies! Several PTA members are on that committee, and we started exploring ways to help. Adding a Paper Power Pack option to this sale is one way to get paper in bulk delivered to the school and cut costs! So please consider adding that to your order.