The GCISD Reads initiative is designed to build a love of reading in students by encouraging them to read a large quantity and a wide variety of books. 
Who: GCISD students, staff, and parents are all invited to participate.
What: Students have several challenge options to choose from including:

Challenge 1: Book Challenge
Read 25 books of your choosing (minimum 100 pages per book)
Read 100 books of your choosing (an option for K-2 students only)

Challenge 2: Page Challenge
Watch your pages add up as you read (1500 pgs for K-2, 2500 pgs for 3-5)

Challenge 3: Genre Challenge
Explore a wide variety of genres- 3 biography, 3 non-fiction/informational, 3 fantasy, 3 poetry, 3 mystery, 3 historical fiction, 3 fiction (any topic or form), 4 free choice

**As part of our new eBook initiative in the GCISD Learning Commons, students meeting any of the challenges (1, 2, or 3) must read at least 2 of their books as eBooks!  Find eBooks on Overdrive through Classlink, or the Epic app on ipads.
When: Between June 1, 2020 and May 1, 2021
Where: Reading can take place in or outside of school using paper or electronic materials.
Why: Students who read more do better in school, have wider vocabularies, and have a lifelong habit enabling them to continue learning beyond their K-12 education.
How: Students will keep track of their reading in a log that notes the title, number of pages, genre, and date completed. See the list below for possible recording logs. Once students have completed a challenge, their logs should be turned in to their classroom teacher or the librarian. The librarian will record the completed challenges on a Google form to ensure they receive a certificate at the end of the school year and are invited to our GCISD Reads celebration.
Recording Form Options:

 Forms to print:

Digital Form: Google sheet that adds page numbers automatically- 1. make a copy 2. rename it 3. start adding books and page numbers (don't type in the blue box)